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How to Use AutoCAD for Interior Design

by ravi patil | 1 month ago | in Member Value Improvement

This course and tutorial for beginners will teach you how to utilise AutoCAD as an interior design tool.

Interior design is major business, and clients want the best when you work with them. That's why, if you want to build a reputation for yourself in the field, you'll need to grasp digital tools and software like AutoCAD for interior designers.

We'll show you how CAD drawing solutions like AutoCAD 2017 and others may transform your designs in this tutorial. We'll also go over why you should take AutoCAD lessons for interior designers before accepting your first job in the profession and how learning some fundamental AutoCAD processes will help you get started on your own projects right away. Get more information about AutoCAD Course In Pune.

What Programs Do Interior Designers Use? 

Although AutoCAD isn't the only tool used by interior designers for planning, it is the industry standard. Do you want to know how much money you can make working as an interior designer with AutoCAD? That will depend on your skill level, but knowing how to create eye-catching room designs within the programme will help you stand out to potential and present clients.

There are a few more tools that design firms currently employ that you should be familiar with. SketchUp Pro and Autodesk Revit are excellent programmes for creating 2D and 3D models similar to AutoCAD. Virtual reality integration in SketchUp allows you to provide your clients a "genuine" walkthrough of their prospective location.

If you're serious about working in the sector, however, you should start with AutoCAD. You've come to the correct site if you're looking for the finest approach to learn AutoCAD for interior designers. Now that you know what the software can accomplish, we'll walk you through a few stages from some of our most popular AutoCAD for interior designers courses on Skillshare so you can start working on your own room designs right away.

5 Steps to Using AutoCAD for Interior Design

When you're working with AutoCAD for interior designers, the possibilities are unlimited, and a blank project screen can feel a little intimidating. Get more information about AutoCAD Classes In Pune

For the time being, we'll keep things basic and show you how to make a dining table and chairs using the tool.

1. Begin with the fundamentals.

Make a note of the width and depth of the table you'll be sketching, using either your client's dimensions or a sample you saw online. Draw the correct measurements in the project space using AutoCAD's "Line" tool. Make the same adjustments to your seats.

2. Arrange the chairs around the table.

Depending on the number of seats you'll be using in the design, use the "Line" tool to evenly divide your table into portions.

Drag your chair across the block to highlight it, then key "M" to bring up the "Move" bar. After that, you can place it anywhere on the table block. Rep until all of your chairs are on one side of the table, at which point you can write "Mirror." You can then drag the seats to the opposite side of the table to copy them.

3. Include drawings of the side elevations.

As you progress through your AutoCAD lessons for interior designers, you'll need to create a profile, or side, view of your table and chairs.

Rep the first steps from your birds-eye view drawing using the "Line" tool. Use the same measurements as you did for the top-down table, but draw it from the side this time.

To accommodate for the table top and legs, add an offset to both the top and sides. Once you're happy with your drawing, use the "Trim" tool to remove any additional lines from the plan that you don't need.

4. Use a sample to add chair elevations.

Use the "File" > "Attach" toolbar in AutoCAD to insert an image that you want to model your chairs after.

To make a block, scale the image to match your desired chair proportions and then draw over it with the "Line" tool. This will create a 2D model of the chair sample from your reference image that you can use in your design.

Draw lines from your top-down view up to your elevation using the "Ray" tool so that the seats are in the same positions around the table.

5. Incorporate colour into your design

Select the "Hatch" option in the left toolbar and select the object you wish to colour. In the new toolbar that appears above your object, you may choose the colour. Before you finish your design, click inside the portions of the table or chair to add colour. Get more information about AutoCAD Training In Pune.

There's a lot more you can accomplish with AutoCAD—interior designers use it to plan out the look for entire residences.

However, these methods will get you started so you can familiarise yourself with the software, perfect your skills, and gain confidence before going on to more difficult tasks.

If this idea materializes into a program, would you be willing to lead it?


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