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Gates. There are gates everywhere these days. Everyone is talking about gatekeeping and gatekeepers right now. While theoretical gatekeeping isn’t necessarily a good thing, gatekeeping in the real world is a necessity in these modern times. Gates are a major part of security systems of all types in the 21st century. All kinds of businesses that occupy large areas need to have access control. This includes everything from giant distribution warehouses to sprawling business parks to your neighborhood self-storage facility. These applications are also used for residential gate entry systems.

The most visible residential gates are those that control access to gated communities or large stately homes. However, any kind of residential community can benefit from a formidable security system that includes gates. It’s not just exclusive gated communities and huge mansions that need protection. Residential gate entry systems are necessary for apartment complexes of all sizes, as well as the condominium buildings that are popping up in every city across America. While there are many similarities in the gates that protect our businesses and residences, it’s the differences that are important.

The similarities in function are basic. Keep the wrong people out and let the right people in. Whether it’s a gate allowing large trucks access to a busy distribution center or a gate on your apartment complex with pin pad or key fob access, the desired effect is the same. Beyond this, there are some crucial differences between residential and business security gate systems. These include:

Gates and security for businesses and companies.

The kind of security system a business gets is often dependent on the industry they are in. This is the essence of great security for many companies. They need and want bespoke plans that seamlessly fit into their operations. Something like a large distribution center needs to find a balance between security and maintaining the flow of business. An operation like this might employ something like an AI powered license plate reader to let trucks in and out. This type of system allows for continual flow of traffic while also keeping out unauthorized vehicles.

This is a much different scale than something like a suburban business park or a self-storage outfit. Access control for a business park might not even have a gate for cars. The access control for many of these campuses might be centered around entry to the buildings themselves. The gate controls for your local self-storage units for example will be centered around the storage units themselves. That being said, self-storage gate access systems may vary based on what kind of self-storage units you frequent.

When most people think of self-storage, they’re not thinking of a high-end experience. Truth be told, most self-storage facilities are utilitarian. You probably wouldn’t be surprised if you had to use a lock and key, even two decades into the 21st century. However, even the cheapest storage units have switched to a pin pad or a keycard at the very least. You’d have to be going to some pretty high-end places if they are using license plate ID in conjunction with their self-storage gate access systems. While it’s not impossible that a company storing high value items might invest in this technology, it’s more likely that smaller businesses will use simpler and less expensive gate control systems.

Gates and security for various residences. 

The main differences between business and residential security generally relate to a customer’s peace of mind. Whatever kind of business is being protected; it is still a business. In nearly every case, anything associated with a company can be replaced. While you can’t put a price on your family and your home, your business is entirely different. That is why when people invest in home security, they tend to want the best systems.

This explains why most of the better HOAs and condominiums will put out top dollar for their residential gate entry systems. Residents in these communities want to always feel safe. Therefore, homeowners and property managers will pour millions of dollars into smart gates that are driven by cutting edge AI software. You are much more likely to see things like license plate readers and phone-based apps when you’re talking about residential security.

One of the biggest trends in security for residential complexes across the United States are security apps. Through our phones, we can control who gets in and out of our lives. Residents love having the power and freedom to give access instantaneously to friends and family through a QR code. It is also super convenient for deliveries and service people who might need access to your home when you aren’t there. All the best modern home security systems are so much more than just gates.



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